Legal Inside
offers a new alternative — the advantages of corporate and external attorneys, without the disadvantages.

Customized alternative

Customized to your business, we will recruit a team of Inside Lawyers headed by a Chief Attorney.
Once your requirements and needs have been determined, the process will be made in close collaboration with you and our recruitment partner.
The Inside Team matches your culture and has commercial, legal insight and experience in relevant business areas. Together with the business’ management and other employees, the team will be fully competent to make the right decisions, and the team is always available. Even if your need for assistance only requires the engagement from one attorney, when hiring a team, you achieve a unique combination of competences and resources. In our opinion, this will add value to your business. Legal Inside ensures that any excess capacity of the Inside Lawyers is distributed.
Once your requirements and needs have been determined, the process will be made in close collaboration with you and our recruitment partner.
The Team will be a part of your day-to-day business and corporate culture as trusted employees in your business.

We also offer to supplement or take over the responsibility of existing legal departments. Employees in the department continues to be located at your premises – but are employed by Legal Inside at a lower cost.

External insourcing

In our experience, many businesses seek to reduce external assistance. Firstly, external assistance is at great cost. Secondly, internal decision-makers are valued higher. Businesses therefore seek recruitment of internal manpower but are often faced by the challenge that all required qualifications and resources cannot be found in one lawyer.

When collaborating with Legal Inside, the business achieves an individually recruited team of trusted employees. Legal Inside is insourcing without employment at a low cost with all knowledge based in the business”.

mette gade, ceo

The advantages of corporate and external attorneys, without the disadvantages.

Flexible sharing

The established annual budget with Legal Inside is lower than the usual budget for legal assistance provided by a law firm or employment of internal business lawyers. This is because Legal Inside composes a permanent, but flexible, team of inside lawyers.

If your need for assistance changes you can rearrange your team. Accordingly, your total need for legal assistance is covered by Legal Inside at a lower and more predictable cost which is agreed upon in the beginning of the collaboration.

The Inside Lawyer

Our in-house lawyers are well versed in the role of commerce lawyers. They are trained by experts such as the heads of legal departments, lawyers and CEOs. As such they have commercial insight and access to a wide network of highly trained experts with whom they can seek advice.

Legal Inside offer legal services in a new way. Therefore, we provide professional development and exciting business experience that can only be achieved through us.

The Process

Four simple steps to set up your own Inside Team.



We assist you in determining and identifying your need for legal services and designing candidate profiles that perfectly match the required qualifications.



We initiate and complete the recruitment process to find the best candidate with the assistance of professional headhunters. We take into consideration both the individual profile and the team as a whole.



We employ the team in Legal Inside and provide the Team with intensive training as business lawyers before take-off.



The Inside Lawyers will be settled in your business and becomes an integral part of the very same. The Chief Attorney heads the Team, and everyone receives training by our experts on an ongoing basis.

About us

But when you choose to work with us, it will be your dedicated legal experts that you will collaborate with regarding your specific legal needs. Our solution revolves around tailored legal teams, ensuring you the most frictionless, effective, and scalable day-to-day legal assistance and at the same time integrated in your in-house team managing your legal matters.

If you would like to learn more about our tailored legal teams and the solution for frictionless, effective, and scalable legal assistance, please feel free to reach out to Kent Vinhardt Josephsen for more information.


Dear lawyer

We would be pleased to offer you a job as senior lawyer or legal specialist, however…

before you apply, we have a couple of questions for you:

Have you asked yourself lately how your working life could be more balanced for yourself? And what was the answer?

Maybe you are in search of work. Maybe you are looking for a new job. Maybe you just need a change of air. Whatever the reason, you are searching through job advertisements, visiting law firm websites - including ours (which we very much appreciate) – to become inspired about where law will take you in your career and in life, you owe it to yourself to take a step back and ask yourself:

What do I really want when searching through my job options?

Do you want more of the same experiences you have had? Or new experiences, along with promotion opportunities? A more balanced working life? Maybe it is something completely different which motivates you.

We do not know and cannot answer this for you. However, we believe it serves you best to consider this question carefully. And as your potential employer, it serves us best if you, as a candidate, have considered your personal priorities if you have decided to apply for a job with us.

Despite whether or not you conclude that your job must allow for more time with the family or equip you to join a professional board of directors, in Legal Inside we have a place for you if you dare take the important step in your career and figure out what it takes to enrich your daily life and optimize your performance. ‍

Free to reach your goals

Legal Inside is looking for lawyers who dare to reflect on their place in the world and in the business which will set the framework for their working life. The lawyers who thrive in our workplace are the ones who have mastered balancing their professionalism and their personal commitments. Being in touch with their priorities is a vital part of our workplace community, and that is what makes us stand out in comparison with other law firms.

This means that you must be prepared to take responsibility for your working life, and together we will ensure that the working life accommodates you and your goals.

This also means that you must be aware of our expectations. When we first meet, we would like you to express your definition of a well-balanced life and your expectations in relation to us. There are no right or wrong answers, this is simply because we want to know your ambitions and goals for your own development from the very beginning. You will be granted the freedom to achieve your personal goals, which we believe is the key to your overall success the success of our company, as well as the success of our clients.

You will have a diversified working life

We are looking for new colleagues to join our legal teams and work with our clients as in-house lawyers (we refer to ourselves as Inside Lawyers).

Together with the Legal Inside colleagues in your team, you will become very acquainted to three different businesses. The team often makes up (part of) the internal legal team for one or more of our clients. Together you will ensure that significant commercial decisions are made with the management of the businesses with all legal aspects integrated as a natural part of the operation.

On days you do not work for your defined clients, you will have a workstation at our new premises in Nordhavn. Here you may follow up on and develop the cooperation with your Legal Inside Team and the other Inside lawyers who may also contribute to sparring and knowledge sharing.

Together we will ensure balance

For a diversified working life to function, we know that the working life must have balance. Additionally, it is important to us that you do not need to manage administrative work such as invoicing, cost estimates etc. We will make sure that this is taken care of.

And we will ensure that you obtain the role in the team matching your expectations for your own goals, e.g., role as senior lawyer heading a team of Inside lawyers or achieve a more diversified profile by being affiliated with multiple companies as a legal specialist.

Where and when you collaborate with your client is of course your responsibility together with your Legal Inside colleagues and the businesses. We believe that the best person to plan your time and assignments is you.

Take part in creating the legal workplace of the future

The lawyers we seek are not alike. Some of our lawyers seek more practical experience, like adding commercial competencies to the legal core as Inside lawyer at different businesses, for example. Others seek to grow into leaders after having worked as specialists. You may seek this too, or perhaps something different altogether!

Regardless of what drives you as a lawyer, our solution with legal teams will meet your expectations and the diversity of our employees. Each team is headed by a senior lawyer who handles the day-to-day operation and 1-2 lawyers.

This means that no-one stands alone, and everybody always has someone to cooperate with. This way, the teams thrive, and the clients will experience continuity and excellent quality advice as if you were a fixed part of their organization.

Accordingly, it is not a determining factor whether you are dedicated to your career or would rather prioritize life outside work. We may offer you a legal position which suits you perfectly. What is important to us is that you can clearly express your expectations. And that you want to cooperate!

Be part of Legal Inside

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